Monday, November 21, 2016

New Wood Cremation Urn and Memorial Vase now on Etsy

This beautiful sculpted Padauk wood cremation urn and memorial vaseb is now available in our Esty Shop. This was designed and sculpted from hand-selected African Padauk, which is also known as barwood, corail, African coralwood, vermillion and yomo. Padauks are of African or Asian origin and are valued for their toughness and beautiful color. An eye catching wood, the color varies from a rich crimson or brick red, to reddish-purple streaks, to bright-orange. It darkens over time to dark reddish-brown.

This vase comes with a heavy plastic insert for flowers. A small hole, capped with a brass plug, is placed near the base of this vase to discreetly store a small amount of ashes. A small Allen wrench is included.

There are many one-of-a-kind urns in the Etsy shop and we are adding new wood urns every week. We now offer a limited number of Keepsake Boxes. These sweet boxes are a unique way to honor a loved one's memory.


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Everlasting Tree Donates Cremation Urn for WASP Pilot Elaine Harmon

WASP (Women’s Airforce Service Pilots) pilot Elaine Harmon was interred at Arlington National Cemetery in a special ceremony on September 7, 2016. See Story.

Eagle, Idaho Artist, John Sword, learned about the family’s efforts to obtain permission for her to be interred at Arlington National Cemetery on a national news report.  The news footage showed a black plastic urn container sitting on a closet shelf.  John contacted Erin Miller, Mrs. Harmon’s granddaughter, and offered to design and create a special urn for the ceremony. After several months, numerous emails, photos and telephone conversations, the completed urn (shown below) was delivered for Mrs. Harmon’s ceremony.  John also provided matching memorial vases for Mrs. Harmon’s daughter and three granddaughters. 

The urn was sculpted from hand-selected African Padauk. Padauk is a moderately heavy, strong and stiff wood with exceptional stability. It is valued for its toughness and beautiful color which darkens over time to a dark reddish-brown. John selected Padauk as symbolic of the toughness, strength and stability required of WASP pilots.  Prior to the ceremony, soils that John collected from Sweetwater, Texas, where Mrs. Harmon trained, and Nellis Air Force Base, where she was stationed, were placed into two small cavities in the base of the urn. As shown in the photograph, Elaine’s wings were secured to the urn. 

John and his wife, Heidi Egerman were honored to attend the ceremony on September 7th at the Arlington National Cemetery.

To learn more about this story and the considerable efforts that went into obtaining legal permission for WASP pilots to be interred at Arlington National Cemetery, see: Female Pilot Unit Gains Support in Congress for Right to Arlington Burials     

See news coverage below.

CBS Evening News ~ September 8, 2016

CBS Evening News Video
The U.S. Air Force Honor Guard carries the remains of World War II pilot Elaine Harmon during services on Wednesday at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

New Keepsake Boxes are now available from Everlasting Tree

These beautiful one-of-kind keepsake boxes have been designed and hand crafted from Beechwood. These unique miniature urns are simply a smaller version of John’s large cremation urns. They are a great option if you are sharing a loved one’s ashes and they are a unique way to honor someones's memory. A small hole, capped with a brass plug, is designed into the base to discreetly store a small amount of ashes. A small Allen wrench is included. You will be seeing more of these for sale soon on our Etsy Shop

These sculpted beechwood keepsake boxes are now available from Everlasting Tree.