Monday, December 10, 2012

New custom urns in exoctic African Padauk wood

African Padauk urns are one of Everlasting Trees most popular and most beautiful. Also known as barwood, corail, African coralwood, vermillion and yomo, Padauks are of African or Asian origin and are valued for their toughness and beautiful color. An eye catching wood, the color varies from a rich crimson or brick red, to reddish-purple streaks, to bright-orange. It darkens over time to dark reddish-brown. These urn has  been added to our Etsy shop so if you are interested in more information or in purchasing one of these urns, please click here.

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Outside dimension: height=9.5"; width=7.5"W | Cubic Inches: 200
A brass insert is available for this urn 

Whether you plan to display the urn during the memorial service, store the remains permanently or store them temporarily to be scattered in a special location later – these urns are a versatile and unique way to honor your loved-one’s memory. A brass insert is available for this urn.