Saturday, November 16, 2013

Myrtlewood Scultped Cremation Urn - New on Etsy

This beautiful one-of-kind cremation urn was designed and sculpted from hand selected Oregon Myrtlewood. The Oregon Myrtlewood tree grows uncultivated, only in a small area along the Pacific Coast. Oregon Myrtlewood sometimes goes by other names such as Coos Bay Laurel or bay and pepperwood. All are one-in-the-same, botanically classified as Umbellularia California. No other hardwood excels Oregon Myrtlewood in beauty of grain and variety of coloring. Golden tans and muted reds, yellow greens and soft grays, ash blonds and seal browns, often patterned with velvet black for striking designs within the wood. Here is nature's artistry unsurpassed.

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Whether you plan to display the urn during the memorial service, store the remains permanently or store them temporarily to be scattered in a special location later – these urns are a versatile and unique way to honor your loved-one’s memory.

Urn details:
Size: 6.75”H x5.5”W x 5.5”D
Cubic Inches: 200 cu

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